Home Sweet Home

Home sweet home

In 2004, a lovely chestnut filly was born at our stud, CSA Iriyashka (Sha Lazio x Cishashka v. Anthal) www.allbreedpedigree.com/csa+iriyashka.

In 2006, this girl was sold to an apparently proper owner, but in the end of 2007 we bought her back, heavily neglected and undernourished.
Still recovering and rehabilitating, back home on the pastures, a new owner announced itself in 2008. The owners of a “leading” Dutch studfarm, breeding-, training and marketingstation, told us about a wonderful place in France where our little girl would get a fantastic new future. We were completely over the moon with this story and with the fact that she would get a deserved good new home after all. In good confident of the Dutch mediators we sold our filly to France. The mediators were aware of the fact that the filly was neglected, still was recovering and with departure I told the mediators about her medical conditions (bloodsamples etc.). In the end we did get the message that the filly arrived well in France and the last two years, if we spoke to the mediators and asked them about the filly, we always did get positive messages. “The filly is doing absolutely fine”. It was all serene and we were so happy that our “Iri” had her dreamhome. Until recently…..

A few weeks ago I was talking to a friend of mine, who frequently visits a leading stud for purebred Arabians in Belgium. On that stud, there is also a AI and a ET center, in which also clienthorses are serviced. My friend told me that their were a few surrogate mares from a client for ET on the stud and one mare did abort the embryo time after time and the studowner and her client did not know what to do about it. The mares arrived at the Belgian stud via the same Dutch mediators as via whom our Iriyashka left for France. When I asked at what time the mares had arrived in Belgium and if there possibly was a chestnut filly with two litte white hindfeet and a few white hairs on her head I became cold as ice inside. The date and my description corresponded with that of our Iriyashka. So Iriyashka NEVER arrived in France. No, in stead she was directly sold to Belgium as a surrogate mare by our Dutch mediator, despite the fact that the filly still was off colour. Our Dutch mediator had not informed the Belgian stud about the medical conditions and the people in Belgium could not see it from the outside, because the filly was round as a barrel again and “apparently” healthy. In fact, all the possible efforts were used to get the filly in foal via ET. But, likely because of her bad (inside) condition, she first recieved but aborted the embryo afterwards time after time. To the ET center, the filly was no longer useful and thanks to the efficiency of my friend and the gentleness of the Belgian owners, we could buy Iriyashka back. She is now home again, with her family on the pastures and we are unbelievably happy that she did not dissapear in the horsetrade via a “backdoor”, or perhaps even worse…….!


First of all we want to emphasize the fact that the filly had the best treatment we could wish for in Belgium. She arrived back home, wellfed, attentive and temperamental and with a recent visit of the smith and dentist. We would like to thank all the people who did participate in the homecoming of and all the good care for Iriyashka, from the bottom of our hearts. Especially my friend, the Belgian studowner and her client.

This was our story, that we really had to share with you all. Please be warned, because it is fulfilled that some people are ABSOLUTELY not the persons they seem to be in the first place.....

Finally, some pictures of our "little red diva" safely home.